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Chilling Quotes by School Shooters


"This sure beats the hell out of algebra, doesn’t it?"

-Barry Loukaitis after murdering his algebra teacher and two students. Loukaitis was dressed in a wild west-style gunslinger outfit and had a black duster on. He was armed with a hunting rifle and two handguns.

"Kill me, please. I can’t believe I did that."

-Micheal Carneal seconds after he opened fire at a prayer group sitting outside his highschool. Upon arrival, Carneal immediately put in earplugs, took out the pistol, and shot eight rounds. He was standing at point blank range and killed three young girls.

"I have a question."

-Kim De Gelder after he stabbed 15 children at Fabeltjesland daycare centre in Dendermonde, Belgium. Upon his arrest, Gelder was found carrying a list of nurseries, three knives, and an axe. He displayed erratic behavior, strange fits of laughter, and weird smiles. When asked what he was doing, Gelder’s only response was “I have a question.”

"Do you believe in God?"

-Dylan Klebold to Valene Schnurr during the massacre at Columbine. In one case, Eric Harris (the second shooter) knelt down under a table in the library and said “peek-a-boo” before shooting a young girl named Cassie Bernall in the head. It was widely reported after the shooting that Harris asked Bernall “if she believed in God” before shooting her, although this is not certain.

"Aren’t you all dead yet?"

-Tim Kretschmer after murdering twelve people at his secondary school in Germany. It was the only thing he said during the entire massacre. Upon escaping the school, he carjacked a vehicle driven by a man named Igor Wolf and ordered him to drive out of the area. While in the car, Wolf asked Kretschmer why he murdered the children. The response came: “For fun, because it is fun.”

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