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Hey! I’m 18 and in college. I hope to become a neuroscientist who figures out the science behind the human mind. Don’t take my paranormal/creepy section seriously, but take my science and world section seriously! I hope you enjoy and most importantly learn something. Thank you for your love and support. Tag sixpenceee in a post for my attention! Arrows (navigation) are at the top in that white box. My instagram is @sixpenceee

Some fuel for those of you interested in the paranormal just like me. 
For thrills
spooky movies
top rated scary stories
cracked on horror
listverse bizarre and creepy
top creepiest gifs
reddit no sleep
reddit paranormal
reddit horror
alien abduction cases
foreign horror films
world’s scariest places
gothic novels
sleep over horror games
creepy websites
evp recordings
For science behind the paranormal
rhine research center
institute of noetic sciences
koestler parapsychology unit
division of perceptual studies
careers in research of the paranormal
the human consciousness project
princeton engineering anomalies research 
journal of parapsychology.
international association for near-death studies 
Influential people
rupert sheldrake
james van praagh
raymond moody
edgar cayce
dean radin
marilyn schlitz 
pim van lommel

Some fuel for those of you interested in the paranormal just like me. 

For thrills

For science behind the paranormal

Influential people

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