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Another oddity museum for all the bizarre lovers!

The Musée Fragonard d’Alfort is a museum of anatomical oddities.

It opened to the public in 1991, and today consists of three rooms containing a large collection of anatomical oddities and dissections, most of which date from the 19th and early 20th centuries.

In addition to animal skeleton and dissections such as a piglet displayed in cross-section, the museum contains a substantial collection of monstrosities Siamese twin lambs, a two-headed calf, a 10-legged sheep, and a colt with one huge eye.

The museum’s most astonishing items are the famous “écorchés” (flayed figures) prepared by Honoré Fragonard.

His speciality was the preparation and preservation of skinned cadavers, of which he prepared some 700 examples. Only 21 remain; all are on display in the museum’s final room




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