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Hey! I’m 18 and in college. I hope to become a neuroscientist who figures out the science behind the human mind. Don’t take my paranormal/creepy section seriously, but take my science and world section seriously! I hope you enjoy and most importantly learn something. Thank you for your love and support. Tag sixpenceee in a post for my attention! Arrows (navigation) are at the top in that white box. My instagram is @sixpenceee

Hey! So remember my post on how monks managed to dry wet towels using meditation or how Indian Yogi’s managed to alter their heart beat?

Here’s another amazing case of mind over matter. 

Dissociative identity disorder is when someone exhibits multiple personalities.

What’s really weird is how one personality shows different medical conditions than the other one!

For instance, one of a patient’s personalities may need eyeglasses and another won’t. Or, one identity might be diabetic and another won’t.  

In such cases, it isn’t simply a matter of the patients thinking they need eyeglasses or insulin; their bodies actually go through alterations, such as in blood pressure or sugar levels.

In one case, published by the American Psychiatric Press, a doctor noted how medications prescribed to a dissociative identity disorder patient had different effects depending on what “personality” took the drug.

For example, when a tranquilizer was given to the person’s childish persona, it made the individual sleepy and relaxed.

However, when the adult personality was administered the same drug it made him anxious and confused. 

Doctors even noticed visibly apparent traits, like lazy eye, would come and go depending on which personality was present.



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